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Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Marketing
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Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
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There is more to marketing than advertising and promotion.

The key to successful marketing is understanding your customers. Who are they, what do they want, how much will they pay for it and how can you supply it? Then you can think about advertising and promotion once you know what you need to say and who you need to say it to.

The quote "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half" has been attributed to various successful business leaders. Our one-day introduction to marketing will ensure that none of the money you spend on advertising - or any other form of promotion - is wasted.

If you want more and better customers you need to do some serious thinking about marketing. Once you really understand potential customers' needs and how to meet them you can design your products and services to match. And once you really meet those needs, you can charge accordingly.

That is, of course, assuming your potential customers even know you exist. So although there is much more to marketing than just advertising and promotion, you need to get that aspect right as well.

Our fast-paced introduction to marketing will help you to ask the right questions, get the right answers and do the right things.

What is involved:
- A full-day workshop
- Expert tuition from one of BPIF's marketing consultants.
- An introduction to the ‘seven Ps of marketing' - the things you really need to know.
- Ideas for cost-effective promotion that will drive enquiries and sales.

Cost: £150 plus VAT for CDi/BPIF members and £250 for non-members.


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